This is for questions for either Shortwolf or Emily

The Site

  1. Who is welcome?

    Anyone is welcome. You don't have to be a therian or an otherkin to join the site. We welcome everyone, as long as you're not coming here to roleplay or troll.

  2. Who is 'in Charge'?

    Although this is an online 'pack' and not everyone on the site is a wolf, we follow the simple wolf pack hierarchy.
    There are two Alphas and two Betas, who are also the Admins/ Mods of the site.

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  1. Are you werewolves?

    No. It is a common misconception by many people that therians are/ or consider themselves to be werewolves. Therians come in many phenotypes, not just wolves, but those of us who are wolves do not fall into the stereotypical image of 'werewolf'.

  2. Can Silver Hurt/ Kill us?

    No. This is another misconception that has been passed down from werewolf folklore.

  3. Can Therians Communicate Telepathically when Shifted?

    What is this, Twilight? Sorry to burst any fangirl/boy bubbles, but it doesn't work like that. If you manage to experience a full physical shift you will not be able to telepathically communicate with other therians or otherkin.

  4. Are Therians Only Wolves?

    No. Therians can be any animal. This includes all carnivores, herbivores, birds, fish, etc.

  5. Are There Therian Hunters??

    Another one of the most ridiculous question to ever be asked. The answer is no. Besides some very rude, lonely and needy children pretending to be hunters, there has never been any legitimate threat.

  6. Does Being a Therian in a Relationship Mean That I Have a Mate?

    No. In fact, hell no.
    Unless you intend to have children with the person you are with, then it would probably be best to refrain from calling them your mate.
    The term has become very warped and it's extensive use makes us look not only weird but also a wee bit crazy.
    When using the word 'mate' think of it in animal terms.

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  1. Will You Bite Me?

    Simple answer: hell no. No one can become a therian by being bitten by one. You are either born a therian or you are not.

  2. Will the Full Moon make me Shift?

    Depending on how receptive you are to energy, sure. I guarentee you that you're not going to suddenly burst out of your skin and be a wolf, but many therians experience strong mental, phantom, and dream shifts during the nights of the full moon.

  3. What is M-Shifting?

    M-shifting is a mental shift. This is a point in which your human mind goes through a rapid transition into a more animalistic mindset.


  4. What is a 'Flare'/ 'Flaring'?

    On this site, we run on the idea that each therian M-Shifts, officially, only once. After the initial M-shift you are permanently in a dual human/ animal mindset. A 'flare' is when a therian experiences a rapid change from the balanced or human dominated mindset into a predominantly animal mindset. Flares can be brought on by certain scents, sounds, feelings, tastes, etc, and vary in intensity.

  5. What is P-Shifting?

    P-shifting stands for physical shifting.

  6. Will I get Bigger if/ when I Shift?

    No, there is a law of conservation of matter and energy which states that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. You use energy in your body to re order the matter and particles into the chemical context and shape of a wolf, this is possible because all mammals consist of the same chemicals.

  7. What is Ph-Shifting?

    Ph-Shifting is Phantom Shifting. This is when a therian/ otherkin experiences the feeling of having a certain body part that they previously did not have. (Ex: tail, wolf ears, paws, whiskers, etc.)
    There is not visual physical change in the person, but they feel as if there is and some people, especially children, are able to see the phantom limbs on therians and otherkin.

  8. What is Dream Shifting?

    Dream shifting is when a therian/ otherkin experiences a lucid dream in which they change into their animal/ other form. Many times these shifts seem so realistic that therians/ otherkin will experience a strong flare (mental shift0 upon waking.

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  1. What is an Otherkin?

    The Otherkin title can fall on anyone who feels that they are not simply human. Otherkin are angels, vampires, extinct species, mythological creatures, cryptids, therians, etc.

  2. Are we at war with Vampires?

    This is one of the most ridiculous questions that has ever been asked, and it has been asked often.
    The simple answer is: NO. Neither therians nor werewolf otherkin are at war with vampires; we never have been and it is very doubtful that we ever will be.

  3. Are Otherkin/ Therians Still Human?

    Yes, yes, and yes. Each and every one of us is a human, so please attempt to avoid using the 'human' to mean a specificaly non-therian/otherkin person. Doing so makes us look bad and it raises the public opinion that we're freaks and/ or weirdos.

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