Submission Form:


If you're interested in joining the site, answer the questions below and send them to the given email address.


1.     Why do you want to join Razgriz?

2.     How much shifting experience do you have, if any?

3.     What email address and name will you use?

4.     Give a short description of yourself.

 Send your request to: razgrizpack@ymail.com

 NOTE: We do not require a physical description, it is not necessary. 


Site Rules:

Act like an adult and you will be treated like an adult. If you desire to act like a pup you shall be treated as a pup. 

Rule #1: Get your ideas about what this site is straight. We are mainly here to serve as a learning resource for the Therian community and all those who legitimately want to learn the rules and aesthetics of shifting. We are not Therian Facebook, Roleplay anything, or Furry Art Display. We are here to simply spread the word in a peaceful way. 
 Rule #2: If you are using this site simply as an escape from a "Harsh Reality" then please leave. We are not here to babysit lonely/ confused teenagers. 
 Rule #3: You will conduct yourself in a respectable manner to ALL MEMBERS. Not just to the high ranking. We are an intellectually based site, we treat each other in a calm and respectful manner no matter how stupid you think someone's opinion was.
 Rule #4: No extensive cussing, racism, sexism, pornography or any other crude item you wish to pedal on this site. 
Rule #5: No Attacking others personally. If you really wish to change someone's views on something you do it through well reasoned arguments, not taunting and name calling. 
 Rule #6: We welcome all legitimate people, be they Therian or other, but if we catch you contradicting yourself and lying you're out. 
 Rule #8: You are allowed your own religion and political views, but if you begin forcing them upon others, you are out. You are not allowed to start forums on the subject. 
Rule #9: Though we appreciate humor, do not change the subject of a forum simply because you think something is funny and just had to share it. 
 Rule #10: We are still on the internet, we are not a real pack and will not do everything a real pack does as the internet limits certain things. The only real ranks that matter are Site Owner, Admin, and Moderator. The other ranks are mostly for show, but you still show respect.

 Rule #11: Do not post 'join here' links in your signature or in the forums. This site is not a billboard for you to advertise your own pack on.

 Rule #12: Members are allowed ONE picture in their signature. This rule may be subjected to change.  
 Rule #13: Accounts will be used by their owners and no one else. If you are allowing other members to use your account you will be given a warning and face deletion if you continue to do so. (This does not account for the Owner Profile as of yet) 


Chat Rules:


 Rule #1 No roleplay allowed in chat (or on this site). Keep it amongst yourselves.
 Rule #2 Use only your site/member name- no other names or other members names.
 Rule #3 Do not use the chat for spam or advertising.
 Rule #4 You MUST use your user name, if your logged in as guest, change it ASAP.
Rule #5

  Do not use the chatroom to annoy others in the room. Anyone caught creating a nuisance in the chatroom will have chatroom access denied. 

 Rule #6 Never tell people where you live. If you feel you want to, use your PERSONAL emails, off the site. We will have nothing to do with it. Remember, some members could be bad people. It is fairly easy to pick on "teenagers who think they are not human"- who are they going to tell if something goes wrong?