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We are accepting new members once again!! If you would like to join the site please refer to the Application and Rules page. If you do not fill out an application, you will not be accepted to the site.

This is the Razgriz. This site is not for role players or liars. If you want somewhere to go for that, there are many sites that let you express your creative side. Why? Because this is all the real deal. This site is for therians, and anyone who wants to learn or help. This is a place where like-minded people can connect and discuss theories, shifting methods  and other related subjects.

This site is also the place to find teachers who will instruct you
. But you need to have it in you. This isn't just for anyone. It takes practice and determination. You can't expect to get results right away.

You may or may not be accepted onto the Website. If you are accepted, you need to understand that even though the site is called a pack, we are not, literally, a pack. Forming a therian pack takes time and, eventually, meeting in person. But, be that as it may, we do function on the same rules as a wolf pack. If or when you become a member know that you are expected to abide by the rules of the site and listen to what you are told by the Alpha's and Beta's.

Also, there is no 'evidence' on this site. If you are looking for, or demanding, proof towards shifting or the spiritual aspects that we touch on, you are not going to find any. We do not feel the need to justify our lifestyle or prove our existence, and neither should other therians or otherkin. We are proud to be who and what we are.

So for the rare few who are genuinely interested in what we have to offer, come, you are welcomed, to Razgriz Pack.

Any blank profile will be deleted, as well as profiles with full stops and/or other things in the place of words. Duplicate profiles will also be deleted. Try not to have a long profile- 3 paragraphs (assuming 8 sentences) is as large as it should be. If you want to use a rainbow of colors, please make them easy to read, and refrain from using bright red as it is both difficult and painful to read. Please do not put photos in your profile, and preferably not in your signature. Make a sensible profile- you'll be judged by it. 

Terms of Use:
If you are on this site, you are going to be held responsible for your own actions, and you, yourself, will be held liable for any damages of any kind that you cause.

If you are under 18, you are allowed on the site, but we are holding you responsible for your own actions, and you understand that this is a social site, so the content of the site may vary.We strongly suggest that you do not post any personal information on this site, but if you do, you are responsible for all consequences that are caused by such action. Any consequence of any action that occurs on this site that is directly or indirectly caused by you is your own responsibility. If you think there will be a problem, leave.

Any age that you may be, you may not, under any circumstances,  post anything that is vulgar , anything that is a threat to anybody or anything, or say anything that is intentionally offensive, threatening, or hurtful to another. This site may not be used for any form of criminal act whatsoever. We are not responsible for any sort of damage that may be inflicted in any way, shape, or form from this site. If any of this is a problem, I repeat, LEAVE.

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All members under the age of 18 shall be held responsible for their actions on this website as if they were of legal age.  Furthermore, all members shall abide by the rules and guidelines of Razgriz Pack.  Failure to abide by these rules shall result in appropriate disciplinary action.  The staff and owner of this website reserve the right to terminate any member without prior notice.

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